Am I Dating A Werewolf? And Other Questions For Francesca Lia Block

You may scoff at the mere idea of a dating guidebook. You may almost certainly scoff at one that matches people by their mythological creature -type. I did too at first, and I have a professional astrologer on speed-dial. » 11/02/09 3:40pm 11/02/09 3:40pm

I Picked The Wrong Week To Watch Every Episode Of Sex And The City

It was one of those cloudless late-spring New York days when the air is just a few degrees cooler than blood-temperature and the smell of blooming trees drowns out that of the garbage and exhaust. In Midtown, the sidewalks were thronged with smiling, sunglassed waddlers offering up their pasty winter faces to the sun.… » 5/27/08 1:40pm 5/27/08 1:40pm

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City), Day Three

Woman checking Carrie and Samantha in at the 'Women in the Arts' luncheon that Carrie bought new shoes for in order to impress Natasha, who doesn't show but later misspells "there" in a thank-you note: "Please remember to wear your nametags. Last year we had an unfortunate incident with Joyce Carol Oates." Maybe this… » 5/22/08 6:40pm 5/22/08 6:40pm

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City), Day Two

Oh, ok, I take it all back. Carrie's column kills her relationship with the golden-showers-loving politician. How could I have forgotten? "Wait a second! I may write about sex, but you like people to pee on you!" "Well, but no one knows about that." So Carrie writes a column entitled "To pee or not to pee." Season 3… » 5/21/08 6:40pm 5/21/08 6:40pm

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City), Day Two

Carrie: "I was like a woman frozen on the ledge of a building on fire ... I'd been so burned by my last relationship, I was afraid to leap off into the next one." Oooh... kay? Burn, don't freeze! Where there's smoke, there's fire! Leap off that burning building out of the frying pan and into the fire! SERIOUSLY,… » 5/21/08 4:40pm 5/21/08 4:40pm

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City): The First Two Seasons

It's around 9pm on Tuesday night. I'm midway though the second season of Sex and the City right now. I mean, right now right now, like, as I type this, Big just held up a piece of veal and asked Carrie, "Is this a piece of veal or is this a piece of veal" and then she invited him to have dinner with all her friends… » 5/21/08 2:40pm 5/21/08 2:40pm

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City), Day Two

Yeah, yeah, the episode ("The Drought") where Carrie worries that she has ruined everything with Big via one dainty, ladylike fart is patently ridic. Worse, though, is the episode halfway through season 2, "Evolution," where she confesses to the gals that she did a "number two" at Big's for the first time. Charlotte … » 5/21/08 11:20am 5/21/08 11:20am

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City)

You know how, if you live in New York, you have kind of mentally made up lyrics to the 'Mister Softee' song? "This is the truck that's parked on your block, its name is Mister Sof-tee! It's gonna sit there and drive you nuts, softee softee softee ..." Something like that. Anyway, I am starting to get to that point… » 5/20/08 6:40pm 5/20/08 6:40pm

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City)

Remember when Justin Theroux, as a bechokered character named 'Jared' (totally different from the later character he played named "Vaughn Wysel"!) announced that he was on the cover of New York magazine's '30 Coolest People Under 30' issue? Haha, what if New York magazine really had a '30 Coolest People Under 30'… » 5/20/08 5:40pm 5/20/08 5:40pm

36 Straight Hours Of Sex (And The City)

Editor's note: Remember how I said I was going to watch every episode of 'Sex and the City' between April 1 and the May 23 premiere of the film? Well, for reasons of time, energy, and impending marriage, I didn't do it. What I did do, however, is pawn the task off on someone else: Emily Gould, Jezebel contributor and… » 5/20/08 1:00pm 5/20/08 1:00pm